Measurement series for sound absorption in IBP
Since spring 2016, the Quality Association for Fabric Expansion Joints has been running test series for the sound absorption of fabric expansion joints in the IBP.
The Acoustics Department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP conducts research, development, testing and consulting in the fields of building acoustics, room acoustics, psychoacoustics as well as technical sound insulation and vehicle acoustics. With its team of 30 scientists, engineers and technicians, it is one of the strongest research groups in acoustics in Germany. The excellent equipment with acoustics laboratories and state-of-the-art measurement technology forms the basis for the development of new acoustic components, testing and consulting as well as the processing of research projects.
The aim of the investigations is to what extent the fabric expansion joint has an influence on sound propagation outside the closed system, especially in the downstream flow of noise-intensive aggregates such as the gas turbine.
Various layers of fabric expansion joints and insulations of various thicknesses were used for the series of measurements.
For comparison, the sound absorption of a metallic pipe with a wall thickness of 6 mm was used.
The measurement results are already available to all members of the Quality Association for Fabric Expansion Joints. The most important results will be summarized in a Technical Information.
March 2019