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PFAS ban planned by the EU

The proposal to ban PFAS presented by the European Chemicals Agency ECHA envisages banning all compounds in this substance class, which contains well over 10,000 substances, with transi􀆟onal periods of between 18 months and 12 years. The material PTFE (CAS number 9002-84-0) would also be affected by a blanket ban!


Offers for fabric expansion joints „according to RAL“ are common. This is not a surprise as the RAL standard is respected worldwide. However, the offer can be an empty promise.Compliance with the RAL regulations (RAL-GZ 719) is exclusively guaranteed by members of the RAL-Quality Association for Fabric Expansion Joints (Gütegemeinschaft Weichstoff-Kompensatoren e.V.).Only these are entitled […]

COMMENT 1/2019

Measurement series for sound absorption in IBPSince spring 2016, the Quality Association for Fabric Expansion Joints has been running test series for the sound absorption of fabric expansion joints in the IBP.The Acoustics Department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP conducts research, development, testing and consulting in the fields of building acoustics, room […]

Warning of quality label abuse in Russia

In Russia, at least one manufacturer claims to be allowed to carry the RAL-Quality Mark for fabric expansion joints. However, only the companies named on our homepage may carry the RAL-Quality Mark for fabric expansion joints. Only these have passed the strict entrance examination and the annually prescribed external monitoring audits of the monitoring organisation. […]

COMMENT 1/2018

Objective quality only creates the basis. The user will particularly benefit from the subjective quality. Fabric expansion joints are key products on which the functioning of complex plants and systems depends. Faced with these challenges, the RAL Quality Mark Fabric Expansion Joints has been providing unlimited quality for 30 years. However, with differing standards, norms […]